Wedding Venue Portrait
Wedding Venue Portrait
Wedding Venue Portrait
Wedding Venue Portrait
Wedding Venue Portrait

Wedding Venue Portrait

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A beautiful hand drawn Wedding venue illustration based on your photo. A perfect gift for the newly wed couple or as a memory for your special day. All of our custom portrait illustrations are printed onto high quality archival paper which means they will never fade

Once the outline of the venue is drawn it is then scanned in to the computer and enhanced digitally to add colour and give it a contemporary and graphic look.  


1. Please select which size you would like your illustration to be.

2. Please attach a clear photograph of the building with no obstructions. Please view our image guidelines for some tips. If you do not have a photograph please provide me with the venue details as there is usually one on their website. 

3. Please also include the text you would like to appear on the sketch. Please write it exactly as you would like it to appear on the print line by line.

4. Once I have received all of the above information I will draw up a draft copy of your photograph. I will then send this copy over to you for you to approve/ make any changes. Once this has been confirmed this will then got to print. 

I will only sketch the venue from the view from the photograph (ie, the same perspective). It's a simplified drawing of the venue only and I will not include people in the drawing.

The drawing will be portrait or landscape depending on which suits the image best.

Frames and any props are not included.

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