Image Guidelines

The most important part to your order is the quality of the image uploaded. Please review the following tips and guidelines to make sure yours is just right:

    • Use a smart phone or high quality camera (if you are struggling to get a photo we can sometimes accept a screenshot from google maps or a real estate listing image.)
    • Take a photo or use a photo that is taken in daylight.
    • Avoid having any obstacles/vehicles obscuring the view of the property
    • Take the photograph from the angle you would like the image to be drawn from. We will only draw from the perspective of the photograph.
    image guidelines - photo of good house image -  paperjack illustrates
                    • Good Lighting
                    • House is easily visible
                    • No obstructions
                    • Good quality/clear photograph 
      image guidelines photo - bad example of photograph of house - paperjack illustrates
                    • Bad lighting
                    • House edges hidden from view
                    • Car obstructing view
                    • Poor quality photo

      Not sure whether your images will work?

      Send us through an email at hello@paperjackillustrates.co.uk and we can have a look and let you know if it is something we can work from. We understand it's not always possible to follow all the guidelines above, and there's not often circumstances that we can't find a way around.