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Send a Smile

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It goes without saying that times are pretty tough right now! It's been difficult for a lot of people, and I know myself, I have struggled over the last few months. From hearing peoples stories to reading how lives have been turned upside down it really has pulled on our heart strings! 

Myself and my friend, Demi, put our heads together to see what we could do to try and at least just bring a little bit of hope or a smile to peoples lives.  And with a lot of thinking... (we didn't realise it would be so hard!) we came up with the 'Send a Smile' Campaign. 

'Send a Smile' is an anonymously sent postcard with a handwritten message. Please note you can not customise this message yourself. These messages will be randomly written by myself and Demi, a lovely friend who I have met alongside my PaperJack journey. Our first 50 FREE 'Send a smiles' have now fully sold out. All we now ask for is a charge of £1.00 to cover the cost of postage (this will be added at checkout). All we want to do is just try and bring a smile to those who need it most! 

All you need to do is add the item to your cart and just fill in the recipients delivery address and we will do the rest! 

Please note these are to be sent directly to the receiver and only one item per transaction. We only have a limited number available and want to try and reach as many people as possible so please order sensibly. Any orders not meeting the guidelines will be refunded. 

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